Artist Support

As a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, mamafilm is proud to serve as a fiscal sponsor for select mission-aligned projects. We also offer grant writing, crowdfunding, marketing, exhibition and distribution consulting.

Our current slate of supported projects include:


New York City | Film Short | Drama, Comedy

Writer, Director: Richa Rudola

A thought-provoking story about a new mother reexamining her identity, told uniquely through a 4-split screen format.

A woman who is equal parts a mother (COW), writer (HEAVY), person (AND), and a dreamer (FLORAL) feels the world closing in on her. Her baby hasn’t pooped in a few days, she has a writing deadline coming up, she has writer’s block but also can barely find the time needed to write, and has erratic, nonsensical dreams in the few hours she manages to sleep. Coupled with a strained marriage and a sick dog, things come to a head for each of her four personas, just as she’s beginning to find her way. We see her identity crisis play out across the 4 frames in the days leading up to her deadline. What will she look like on the other side?

Instagram: @cowheavyandfloral



Directed by Sav Rodgers

A nascent filmmaker sets out to make a documentary about the movie Chasing Amy (1997), which kept him from committing suicide as a closeted queer child in Kansas.

Along the way, he forms relationships with the original creators of Chasing Amy that alter the path of their lives forever.

Instagram: @chasingamydoc


Short | 2023

Directed by Ida Joglar

Annabel Hernandez (29) is no stranger to a stage. She’s a natural born performer. “I don’t get nervous”, she says. “More like… Confidence.” Annabel lives in Wichita with her parents and younger brother. Her interests include music, dance, sign language and sharing these with her 20k+ followers on TikTok. The premise of this film is to be a collaborative creative effort between the filmmakers and Annabel. It aims to elevate her voice and facilitate her own creative endeavors.

Instagram: @presentingannabel


Coming Soon

Written & Directed By Eric McGinty

Ahlam, a Lebanese painter in financial straits, strives to get her artist visa extended so she can stay in New York City. Hoping to improve her circumstances, Ahlam takes a job delivering a parcel upstate. But the parcel opens a Pandora’s box, sparking the emergence of various characters with different degrees of menace who take an interest in this mysterious package and its intriguing courier.

Instagram: @stockademovie