ARTIST SUPPORT is committed to elevating the voices of courageous storytellers, through fiscal sponsorship and other artists support services including fundraising, exhibition and strategy.


Strange Love (Producer)

A sexually-repressed multilingual translator from New Jersey must save the world (from a group of megalomaniacs plotting a nuclear-fueled global coup) by taking down the earth’s electrical grid using an explosive vagina.


Chasing Chasing Amy (Fiscal Sponsor)

Chasing Chasing Amy examines the transformational impact that one queer, ‘90s rom-com had on 12-year-old Sav Rodgers from Kansas, versus the controversial effect and lasting Influence that Kevin Smith’s cult classic has had on the broader LGBTQ+ community.

Watch Sav’s TED Talk here and learn more about the film here.

Mothership Screenwriters Lab

A project of and Harvester Arts, the Mothership Screenwriters Lab provides an immediate support circle for a female screenwriters, whose role as a caregiver has had an impact on her creative career. By helping pave a path for these storytellers, Mothership aims to ensure greater diversity in the portrayal of women’s lives and experiences— both on screen, and off.

2020 Mothership Resident: Nitzan Mager

Screenwriter Nitzan Mager will be the inaugural Mothership resident in August 2020. Nitzan is a series creator and an award-winning filmmaker living in Brooklyn, NY.  Recent works include a commissioned short on Gloria Steinem that featured Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and a hybrid feature in which Nitzan followed her real-life pregnancy on film within a fictional story.   Nitzan’s short, PERIOD PORTRAIT, a comic and provocative look at women’s reproductive cycles, won awards from the National Board of Review and New York Women in Film and Television.  She is currently working on a new film, Strange Love, which was a finalist for the 2020 Sundance Screenwriting Lab.

2020 Mothership Project: Quarantine, I Love You Season 2 (Executive Producer)

Mothership will support the second season of Nitzan Mager’s web series Quarantine, I Love You, premiering on Tuesday, September 29. Season 2 will continue to examine life in 2020 through short, interconnected scenes that take place on video chat.   These small moments are set against the dramatic backdrop of major events shaping our country: unemployment, zoom funerals, political rifts caused by face masks, a watershed moment for Black Lives Matter. In quick 3-5 minute segments, the show approaches challenging, timely topics with a comic, but poignant touch— responding to the moment in the medium of our times.

Fittingly, our second season will be set against the backdrop of the ticking time-bomb that is the coming presidential election. One episode will get made and released every Tuesday (starting Sept. 29) leading up to Election Day. We will also take a look at the ways in which the pandemic specifically impacts women and mothers, from lack of access to contraceptive care, to working from home with young children– all from the perspectives of people living in two very different parts of the country: New York City & Kansas.