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Fiscal Sponsor


mamafilm is a proud fiscal sponsor of the short film ANNABEL: TIKTOK FAMOUS DANCER FREESTYLE which was recently awarded a grant from Humanities Kansas. Annabel Hernandez (29) is no stranger to a stage. She’s a natural born performer. “I don’t get nervous”, she says. “More like… Confidence.” It radiates on her face.

Annabel lives in Wichita with her parents and younger brother. She works part-time at her grandparents’ Mexican restaurant. “Mexico is in my blood”, she’ll have you know. Her interests include music, dance, sign language and sharing these with her followers on TikTok. TikTok also serves as a platform for her to gather support for organizations that serve people with Down syndrome, like her.

This short film is at once an intimate portrait and a creative collaboration with its subject, stretching the boundaries of the documentary genre to better tell a personal story from a historically ignored perspective.

Annabel is pictured to the left along with filmmakers Ida Jogla, Amity Hoffman and Lauren Coleman.

Strange Love (Producer)

A sexually-repressed multilingual translator from New Jersey must save the world (from a group of megalomaniacs plotting a nuclear-fueled global coup) by taking down the earth’s electrical grid using an explosive vagina.


Chasing Chasing Amy (Fiscal Sponsor)

Chasing Chasing Amy examines the transformational impact that one queer, ‘90s rom-com had on 12-year-old Sav Rodgers from Kansas, versus the controversial effect and lasting Influence that Kevin Smith’s cult classic has had on the broader LGBTQ+ community.

Watch Sav’s TED Talk here and learn more about the film here.