Join us for The Screening Womb - a micro movie series - to honor our bodily autonomy and wellness, and advocate for our shared human experiences — through short film, conversation, nibbles, sips, tunes and more - in just 60 minutes!

Thank you to our sponsors and partners: Bokeh Development, Lives of Courage and rePROFilm. We’d love to partner with other community organizations who center vitality in both expected and unexpected ways – wellness takes many forms and we’re here for it all. Get in touch with us.

We’ll be popping up on the first Wednesday of every other month (February 7, April 3, June 5, August 7, October 2, December 4) at various locations throughout Wichita, and each TSW will feature its own distinct flavor.

Plus: Each film selection(s) will be available to stream for free at our sister site for 30 days following the screening. And you can dive into additional content there as well, including related articles, expert commentary, a podcast interview with the filmmakers, our curated playlist and more.

The Screening Womb: At Home
Host your own inspired happy hour

Goddess Gracious

1.5 oz Vodka
¼ cucumber thinly sliced
2 Fresh mint sprigs
Juice of 1 fresh lime juice
1 oz. Simple Syrup (You can use 3 oz. Limeade in place of lime & simple syrup for ease!)
1 can seltzer water
(1 small slice of de-seeded jalapeno for a kick for taste)
Dash of Elderflower liqueur for a floral-citrusy punch!

Pour vodka into a cocktail shaker or tumbler glass, add 3-4 slices of thinly sliced cucumber, 2 sprigs of mint, (and a small slice of jalapeno if you desire.) Shake or muddle with the back of a spoon for two minutes. When it feels sufficiently ‘muddled’, add the simple syrup and fresh lime juice or limeade if you’re using that. Shake or stir once again. Finish with 1-2 oz. of seltzer water for a bubbly zing, and a dash of Elderflower liqueur for an extra tasty finish. For a virgin, simply use all ingredients minus vodka and liqueur.)

Weekend plans = made. Host your besties in your own ‘living womb’ (we’ll be here all month, folks!) with our Vol. 24 inspired cocktail “The Climax,” created by our house mixologist Gretchen Mitchell. And while you’re at, don’t forget to throw on DJ Teri Mott’s Vol 24 playlist My Pleasure Darling before you hit play on Bea’s shorts!

THE CLIMAX (serves 6)
30oz lemonade (we like Simply or fresh!)
8 oz Hibiscus Juice (we used Aguas Frescas)
1 cup Vodka of your choice
2 lemons
1 bottle of Prosecco to finish
1 small bunch thyme
Maraschino cherries for garnish

Overnight, infuse the vodka with the de-stemmed and slightly crushed thyme.

Combine lemonade, hibiscus juice, vodka, the zest and juice of the lemon, and thinly sliced lemon slices in a serving vessel. Top with Prosecco and ice before serving. Load cherries onto cocktail pics to your desire and serve. Don’t feel shy about adding a few splashes of cherry juice. For a Virgin Climax, infuse the hibiscus juice, and substitute club soda for Prosecco. Otherwise, if everyone’s staying overnight, make it as strong as you’d like!