Join the Village

In its first six months mamafilm has became a national and award-winning film series.

mamafilm is a 501(c3) not-for-profit cinematic arts organization that is dedicated to showcasing and supporting media that reflects on the nature of nurturing. Through conversation and community, mamafilm is committed to cultivating an informed village of nurturers who are shaping future generations of humanity. Read more about our vision & values.

In 2019, mamafilm began screening films in a 6 month, pop-up microcinema in Wichita, Kansas. What started as a 2 film per month project, quickly evolved into a vibrant community of nurturers and art house cinema lovers. In fall 2019, mamafilm took our mission on the move with a pop-up screening in Cleveland, OH. A limited series of mamafilm screenings will take place in that city in Spring 2020.

In fall 2019, mamafilm was awarded the Art Advocate Appreciation Award by the Wichita Arts Council. mamafilm will begin its second 6-month season in Wichita from February – August, 2020 in Downtown Wichita at The Lux.