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values and vision: to nurture community + compassion + conversation 

to nurture (verb):

  1. to feed and protect
  2. to support, develop and encourage
  3. to bring up, rear, train, educate

the goal: Through media & dialogue, mamafilm nourishes the dynamic network that is engaged in shaping the changemakers and nurturers of our future.

the experience: In our virtual world, the need for authentic and tangible personal interactions is increasingly precious. mamafilm creates a destination for nurturers of all kinds to be entertained, inspired, and connected through communal viewing of movies and media. Screenings are followed by intimate exchanges between curators, experts, storytellers and audience members, and create space to reflect on the universal and individual aspects of our human experience.

the films: Film selections include stories and topics that amplify and explore the evolving realities of the human condition and that spark dialogue and reflection. An emphasis is placed on independent and foreign films that are grounded in authentic storytelling. mamafilm is committed to supporting the work of creators who are  nurturers and caregivers.

the audience: ‘nurturers’ (or mamas) come in many packages. They are not bound by gender or age, genetics or traditional roles. They are defined by the love they give. mamafilm is committed to representing the realities and complexities of a diverse range of nurturers, across race, class, geography, sexual preference, ability and generation. mamafilm is also committed to promoting media literacy & cinema culture to our youth.

the collaborators: Partnering with like-minded creators, organizations, non-profits, brands and businesses affords our audience a more robust accessibility to fellow community members and available resources.