“I want my son back,” that was what the woman on the phone said…”

After a long and unsuccessful struggle to get pregnant, Satoko and her husband decide to adopt a child. Over the next six years, the middle-class couple and their young son Asato settle into a comfortable, albeit routine, life. The family’s orderly existence is shattered by the arrival of Hikari, a young woman claiming to be Asato’s biological mother, demanding his return. As tensions mount, Satoko grows more and more emboldened to defend her family.


140 Minutes


Naomi Kawase



But one day, a phone call threatens Satoko’s happiness and the careful balance she has found. The call was from a woman named Hikari: “I want my son back, and if that’s not possible, I want my money.”

Hikari was Asato’s birth mother. Satoko and Kiyokazu had met her once when they adopted Asato. At the time, Hikari was 14 years old. The couple has not heard from Hikari, who is now 20, in over six years. Satoko had just assumed that the birth mother was living a quiet life with her parents.

One day when Asato is at school, Satoko receives a visit from Hikari. The slender young woman at her door bears no resemblance to the teenager who gave birth to their adopted son. But more importantly, Satoko feels instinctively that this woman is not Hikari. And if she is not Hikari, then who is she? What will Satoko do when Hikari’s shocking past is revealed?