Directed by Amanda Lukoff, 2019, USA, 66 m.

Sponsored by: Starkey

The R-word is everywhere – in TV, movies, music, and all over social media, on playgrounds and public transportation, and in schools, offices, and homes. Do you cringe every time you hear the word retard(ed)? Why is a word that was once used as a medical description so pervasive in our language and culture? Could its continued relevance be connected to the stigma that still surrounds the disability community? The R-Word is a purposeful look into the long-reaching history and lasting implications of the word retard(ed) and current attitudes and perceptions about people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through the personal narrative of four sibling stories and the first-person accounts of self-advocates, we get an intimate and nuanced perspective of the challenges and triumphs of people living with an intellectual disability. The R-Word is an unflinching, heartwarming, humorous, and hopeful journey through our shared human experience.