A FILM BY: HILLARY BACHELDER | 2019 ‧ Documentary ‧ 93 minutes


In the heart of the Midwest, three women take on entrenched political systems in their fight to reshape local politics on their own terms. The film is equal parts personal and political, and interweaves the stories of women on both sides of the aisle who share the singular goal of improving their community through public service.

Myya attempts to spark a youth movement and unseat the incumbent mayor of Detroit; Bryn, a farmer and working mother in Granville, OH, runs for township trustee; and Julie walks a tightrope between her identities as a Korean immigrant and Republican candidate for State Representative in a liberal Chicago suburb of Evanston, Ill., who faces long odds against a popular Democratic incumbent.

“Jones, Bird and Cho all face varying degrees of microaggressions and Bachelder does a good job of showing that these moments reflect larger, more systemic issues.” — The New York Times

“Regional politics is local politics is national politics. It’s revealing to see how the sausage gets made, and who gets to make it.” — The Chicago Tribune