An intimate account of legendary U.S. Representative John Lewis’ life, legacy and more than 60 years of extraordinary activism — from the bold teenager on the front lines of the Civil Rights movement to the legislative powerhouse he was throughout his career. After Lewis petitioned Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to help integrate a segregated school in his hometown of Troy, Alabama, King sent “the boy from Troy” a round trip bus ticket to meet with him. From that meeting onward, Lewis became one of King’s closest allies. He organized Freedom Rides that left him bloodied or jailed, and stood at the front lines in the historic marches on Washington and Selma. He never lost the spirit of the “boy from Troy” and called on his fellow Americans to get into “good trouble” until his passing on July 17, 2020.


96 minutes


Dawn Porter



A Call to Action

Reflecting on the upcoming release of John Lewis: Good Trouble, producers Arnon and Alexander are excited to finally introduce audiences to the man who has been called “the conscience of the Congress.” “We’re thrilled for people to discover that John Lewis is not a figurehead,” says Arnon. “His life and legacy are not just about what he did on that bridge in Selma so many decades ago. In reality, he’s a strategic thinker who wakes up every morning and figures out exactly what he needs to accomplish and how best to do it.” Adds Alexander: “Congressman Lewis is a living example of courage and faith and action. That’s one of the most powerful stories you can tell about any American icon.”

With a U.S. presidential election taking place in 2020, Michalchyshyn believes the timing of the documentary could not be more appropriate. “Everyone has something at stake in the upcoming election, given the current public health crisis,” she offers, “and, we hope this film will help spark a dialogue around democracy, civil service, and the rights we’re now seeing threatened in America. If we can inspire people to exercise their right to vote, their right to lead, and to engage in civil discourse, we’ll have done our job.”

Porter sees John Lewis: Good Trouble as more than just a tribute to a great leader, it’s also a call to action. “I really hope viewers take John Lewis’ message to heart and don’t give up, because we can’t afford to be cynical right now,” she says. “Look at it this way. John Lewis is now 80 years old and fighting pancreatic cancer. If he can go to the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma and give a speech that reminds people why he loves America, when that country treated him terribly for so long, the rest of us can certainly do our part as well. His very presence is motivating.”


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John Lewis: Good Trouble