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Directed by Loira Limbal

Nunu and Patrick are a godsend to parents working odd hours, long days, and multiple jobs. The couple owns and operates Dee’s Tots Childcare, one of the few 24-hour daycares in their New York community. Nunu and Patrick care for their charges as if they were their own, but the stress of working nonstop begins to take a toll on their family and Nunu’s health. Bodily pain and increased doctor visits force Nunu to consider how long she can continue working and what other options families will have if she stops. THROUGH THE NIGHT is a portrait of a couple’s self-sacrifice and an exposé on the increasing demands placed on working-class families forced to choose between making ends meet and spending time with their kids. Nunu and her clients provide a timely look at the plight of essential workers and those most vulnerable in our society. This documentary is a warm and welcoming profile of a woman committed to serving her community, but her efforts alone cannot fix a broken system. – R.R.

Year: 2020
Run Time: 72 minutes