In 1800s England, acclaimed but unrecognized fossil hunter Mary Anning (Kate Winslet) works alone on the rugged Southern coastline. With the days of her famed discoveries behind her, she now searches for common fossils to sell to tourists to support herself and her ailing mother. When a wealthy visitor entrusts Mary with the care of his wife Charlotte Murchison (Saoirse Ronan), she cannot afford to turn his offer down. Proud and relentlessly passionate about her work, Mary initially clashes with her unwelcome guest, but despite the distance between their social class and personalities, an intense bond begins to develop, compelling the two women to determine the true nature of their relationship.


120 minutes


Francis Lee



Why is it important to tell Mary Anning’s story now?
“Because she’s so important. Her strength, her courage – I admired those qualities very much, but also her vulnerability, which she had to keep hidden. Now more than ever we’re living in a time when women are absolutely obsessed with other women and when, more than what we look like or how we feel when we walk down the street, it’s about what women have to say. Women are greater together: the more strong female voices we have, the more togetherness we show, the more examples we have of great women history – the more inspired we will feel as a community to support one another, to encourage one another and to inspire one another. For years we’ve been judged; still, now we’re judged. We’re questioned all the time, we’re asked to justify our choices – why we wear what we wear, why we do our hair the way we do, why we work or don’t work. I’ll be questioned about my decision to play Mary Anning and I will have to justify it. And that is irritating – but that’s why I think these women who achieved great things historically are more important than ever. We’re seeing a new chapter in the history of women: it started with #metoo, and it could not be more fantastic. We’re seeing much more equality in the workplace – and it’s women like Mary Anning who inspire us to use our voices.” – Kate Winslet


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