Quarantine, I Love You

Community Cinema Convo

Watch the Community Cinema Convo with Director Nitzan Mager; New York-based actor Ruffin Prentice; and Wichita-baed actor Arietta Austin. PLUS, the world premiere of the final episode in Season 1 and we announcement details about Season 2!

About Episode 8:  As Nate and his cousin Terrell try to get their 90 year old nana on a zoom call, they fall into a heated and cathartic conversation on the Black Lives Matter movement.   Starring: Ruffin Prentiss (co-writer for Episode 8), Landon Woodson, and Arietta Austin

Quarantine, I Love You is a series of short, interconnected scenes that take place on zoom. They’re small moments within the large ones shaping our country: unemployment, losing loved ones to COVID-19, political rifts caused by face masks, a watershed moment for Black Lives Matter.
These 3-5 minute episodes approach challenging topics with a comic, quirky, and poignant touch. The project is an ongoing, dynamic piece that responds to the moment in the medium of our times.


Screenwriter Nitzan Mager will be the inaugural Mothership resident in August 2020. Nitzan is a series creator and an award-winning filmmaker living in Brooklyn, NY.  Recent works include a commissioned short on Gloria Steinem that featured Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and a hybrid feature in which Nitzan followed her real-life pregnancy on film within a fictional story.   Nitzan’s short, PERIOD PORTRAIT, a comic and provocative look at women’s reproductive cycles, won awards from the National Board of Review and New York Women in Film and Television.  She is currently working on a new film, Strange Love, which was a finalist for the 2020 Sundance Screenwriting Lab.

Mothership Screenwriters Lab is created with mamafilm and Harvester Arts in Wichita, KS, is executive producing the series, with an eye towards cultivating connection between the center of the US and its coasts by facilitating collaboration between artists in New York City and Wichita.