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Artist Support is committed to elevating the voices of courageous storytellers, through fiscal sponsorship and other artists support services including fundraising, exhibition and strategy.


Story Lab Story Lab connects regionally-based emerging storytellers and seasoned creators for a three month pre-production mentorship to nurture the art and craft of independent filmmaking. Pairing a storyteller with a clear vision, with a like-minded mentor, MSL seeks to provide the emerging filmmaker with business and creative knowledge, connection and access to the greater independent film community.

Strange Love (Producer)

A sexually-repressed multilingual translator from New Jersey must save the world (from a group of megalomaniacs plotting a nuclear-fueled global coup) by taking down the earth’s electrical grid using an explosive vagina.


Chasing Chasing Amy (Fiscal Sponsor)

Chasing Chasing Amy examines the transformational impact that one queer, ‘90s rom-com had on 12-year-old Sav Rodgers from Kansas, versus the controversial effect and lasting Influence that Kevin Smith’s cult classic has had on the broader LGBTQ+ community.



mothership screenwriters lab

A project of and Harvester Arts, the Mothership Screenwriters Lab provides an immediate support circle for a female screenwriters, whose role as a caregiver has had an impact on her creative career. By helping pave a path for these storytellers, Mothership aims to ensure greater diversity in the portrayal of women’s lives and experiences— both on screen, and off.