Values + Vision

values: community + compassion

mamafilm is a focused film series that creates a destination for mamas of all types and in all stages – to be entertained, inspired, supported and connected.

Through on-screen representation, mamafilm explores and amplifies the evolving experiences and perspectives of motherhood, and builds bridges amongst a vast community of people who are united via our societal role as nurturer.

 ‘mamas’ come in many packages. They are not bound by gender or age, genetics or traditional roles. They are defined by the love and care that they give.

•  Because we live in an age where we can talk about stigmas and expectations – and we often see these scenarios depicted in movies and media – collective viewing binds us through the fundamental reminder that the challenges and triumphs of caring for another are universal.

•  mamafilm’s media selections will be followed by conversation with creators , experts and real life mamas, that will examine the individual and collective realities of “modern mamahood.”

•  mamafilm is committed to representing the reality of a diverse range of mamas, across race, class, geography, sexual preference, ability and generation; and to supporting the work of creators, who are also nurturers.

vision: connecting mamas through shared cinematic experience

•  As a mission-driven organization, mamafilm is in the process of applying for 501(c)3 not- for-profit status. This will allow us the opportunity to apply for community-building and artistic exhibition grants, cultural funds and to offer corporate and individual donors a tax-deductible receipt, as well as to serve as an incubator for similarly-aligned projects.

•  mamafilm is purposely designed as a portable experience, to include the widest variety of nurturers we can.

•  After its launch as a microcinema film series, mamafilm will seek partnership with other like-minded organizations throughout the community and across the country to facilitate destinations for connectivity.

•  Collaborating organizations will include parenting groups, brands, other non-profit organizations, art house cinemas, movie theaters and more. Together, we will grow a network of nurturers and caregivers who are connected through media and conversation.

•  mamafilm will also seek partnerships with filmmakers and storytellers, whose work exemplifies our mission, to foster and showcase their work through our exhibition channels.

mamafilm zeitgeist + dialogue:

Our post-film conversations will cover a multitude of questions, topics and issues pertaining to modern motherhood, for example:

  • What does it mean to be a “mama,” or choosing not to be one?
  • What connects and separates us as nurturers?
  • How do we band together in support of one another?
  • How do we deal with ever-changing expectations, responsibilities and conventions?
  • How do we process the simultaneous feelings of joy and pain, insecurity and accomplishment, coupled with overwhelming fear, and love?
  • How do we maintain our essential self-care?
  • How does technology continue to change our obligations to the young?
  • How do we handle the responsibilities of caring for the old?
  • How do we pass on the valuable lessons of the past as they relate to contemporary culture?
  • How do we unite to create an informed generation of thought leaders, changemakers and mamas of the future?