Values + Vision

values and vision: community + compassion + connectivity 

to nurture (verb):

  1. to feed and protect
  2. to support, develop and encourage
  3. to bring up, rear, train, educate

 the experience: mamafilm creates a destination for nurturers of all kinds to be entertained, inspired, and connected through communal viewing of movies and media. Screenings, in both traditional and non-traditional venues, are followed by intimate conversations between curators, experts, storytellers and audience members, and create space to reflect on both the universal and personal aspects of nurturing. mamafilm experiences are also designed to be an affordable and unique entertainment option that foster a vibrant network of nurturers who will shape future generations of humanity, and so on, and so on.

the films: Film selections include stories and topics that amplify and explore the evolving realities of ‘nurturehood, ’ that showcase realistic representations and that spark dialogue – connecting a vast community of people who are united via this societal and instinctual role. An emphasis is placed on independent and foreign films that are grounded in authentic storytelling. mamafilm is also committed to supporting the work of creators who are also nurturers.

the audience: ‘mamas’ come in many packages. They are not bound by gender or age, genetics or traditional roles. They are defined by the love they give. mamafilm is committed to representing the realities and complexities of a diverse range of mamas, across race, class, geography, sexual preference, ability and generation.

the goals: More and more we exist in a virtual world, and the need for authentic and tangible personal interactions becomes increasingly precious. Our shared screening experiences, and ensuing conversations, serve to incite an honest dialogue about the stigmas, expectations and realities that surround nurturing.

the collaborators: Partnering with like-minded organizations and businesses, affords our audience a deeper connectivity to fellow community members and resources. As our screening series expands, we’ll continue to collaborate with other non-profit organizations, art house cinemas, movie theaters, organized groups and brands who share a desire to facilitate an accessible destination for nurturers, bound through media and conversation.

zeitgeist + dialogue: 

Our post-film conversations will cover a multitude of questions, topics and issues pertaining to modern nurturehood, for example:

  • What does it mean to be a “mama,” or choosing not to be one?
  • What connects and separates us as nurturers?
  • How do we band together in support of one another?
  • How do we deal with ever-changing expectations, responsibilities and conventions?
  • How do we process the simultaneous feelings of joy and pain, insecurity and accomplishment, coupled with overwhelming fear, and love?
  • How do we maintain our essential self-care?
  • How does technology continue to change our obligations to the young?
  • How do we handle the responsibilities of caring for the old?
  • How do we pass on the valuable lessons of the past as they relate to contemporary culture?
  • How do we unite to create an informed generation of thought leaders, changemakers and mamas of the future?